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Fez, Morocco

Posted in Uncategorized by Cassandra on April 4, 2010

Fez, Morocco

The Fez medina is the largest urban car-free city in the world. The buildings are covered with mosaics (primarily green) and it’s built on a hillside in a valley surrounded by a mountain range. I spent new year’s there… probably my most relaxed ever.

It was  a great city. Met a lot of locals, ate some incredible food I’d never tried, and almost got run over by pack laden donkeys more times than I can remember. The streets are super narrow and, without cars for transport, the businesses rely heavily on the animals.

looking over the Medina and skins drying in the sun on the hillside, Fez

live ones on the hilltop.

Stayed at a really nice little bed&breakfast. The owner was a teeny little Moroccan man who lived his whole life in France and worked in architecture. He visited Morocco for the first time at age 70, fell in love with Fez, and moved there a month later to open the hotel. We talked for a couple of hours over tea. Really awesome old dude. Had some sweet views from the top of the building, too.

jacket I bought in Marrakech, hanging from hotel room door.

public fountain, still heavily/regularly used

I hear Fez is known for it’s fountains.. makes sense. They’re on almost every corner and very intricate. Spent most of my time there wandering through the maze of souks. Stopped in to a traditional art museum on new year’s eve.


for Luke.

museum levels

The medina was much more claustrophobic and higher built-up than Marrakech. There are only a few calmer, open-air plazas. Still though, I really enjoyed the city. Definitely would return if I got the chance.

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  1. Mama said, on April 5, 2010 at 07:38

    Awesome, love the mosaics!

  2. Mama said, on April 5, 2010 at 07:48

    Incredible color, excellent photography, you are a true artist!

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