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Lisbon, Portugal with two partners in crime (and two too few)

Posted in Uncategorized by Cassandra on April 6, 2010

For 11 days in March, Flo flew in from Florence and Gaila came from London. 11 days is a long time for all of us in my tiny flat so we took an impulse trip to Lisbon for four days.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Nothing but debauchery. Didn’t see too many sights, but got a lot of sun and learned that Rioja tastes much better if you have to hike a huge hill to get it.

Stayed in a beautiful hostel, the Black&White, in Lisbon. 100% recommend it.

Lisbon was gorgeous. We spent our days on the beaches in Cascais and Carcavelos.

our cove in Cascais

best best best

Nothin’ but trouble.

Nothin’ but the best of the best. I love these girls.

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