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Rabat, the capital city of Morocco

Posted in Uncategorized by Cassandra on March 31, 2010

Left Marrakech on a train up the West coast to Rabat to meet up with Lisa and Drew for a couple of days.

Rabat, Morocco

All I saw of Casablanca was the view that flew by the window in a blur of dirty high rises, shantytowns, and a smoggy sunset.

Made it into Rabat without incident, had some tea and macaroons, walked around for a bit and found a super cheap hostel for the night. Lis and Drew came in super late the same night.

check out the supports in the building under construction

Next day we walked around for a while. Went to the coast to find an old graveyard and the Kasbah. The weather was perfect, the ocean bright blue.

for grandma pat.

these people are rad and I love them.

kasbah tea stand

Photo above is remnants of the old census system.. certain symbols in different boxes represent how many people/animals/businesses reside in the old city walls. They were all over Morocco and it looked like some were still in use.

Moroccan flag-- red background with central green star.

in her element

Walked around the covered marketplace for a while, clucked at some chickens, eventually found a hotel (that was entirely painted the color of pepto bismol) and a really shady bar where a jovial old guy spoke italian to me and tried to force feed Lis and I hard boiled eggs, foil wrapped cheese, and mystery powder.

Almost got us kicked out for taking the above photo. We were the only women in the windowless bar, and definitely got the idea we weren’t really welcome (especially not welcome to take photos). The italian speaking dude shrugged it off and called me Scarlett Johannson and we had another round and all was well.

It was so, so good to see friendly faces and spend some time with those two cats. Next day, they headed South for Agaidir and I hopped on another train for Meknés.

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