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A few weeks back (on the 26th of November to be precise) it was Danielle Molly’s birthday. She decided to spend it in Amsterdam. I jumped on the opportunity (though the ticket was the most expensive I’ve bought in Europe so far) and joined her, along with friends of ours living in France, Sevilla, and Liverpool.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

It poured nearly the entire weekend, but that was the last thing on our minds. Spent four days in the city, which is super compact, so we walked everywhere. It was very wet, but absolutely beautiful. So much fun.

We spent most of our time getting into trouble. The reunion was a complete success.

in the Red Light

Photographically, the weather was perfect… though it froze these little California girls real quick. Kept our booze jackets on pretty tightly… Amsterdamers love their Jäger. Safe to say Danielle had an awesome birthday.

Everybody in Amsterdam rides a bike. I walked past the world’s largest bike garage… it’s multi-storied and very impressive. Saw everything from women in full length dresses and heels to fathers with a baby in the front basket and another seated behind him, holding an umbrella. Nobody wears helmets, and most of the bikes are cruiser/dutch style. On the third day, I took off on my own for a while and found the modern art museum in the south part of the city. Later on ate a mind-blowingly awesome waffle and bought some art that I’m really excited about from a Canadian ex-pat. Decided I could definitely live in this city for a while if I had the opportunity.

the birthday girl and I

Finally getting caught up on post processing… Germany’s next!

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